Thailand Golf Tips

Thailand Golf Tips : Thailand enjoys a tropical climate with three distinct seasons – hot (March-June), rainy (July-October) and cool (November- February).Temperatures in Thailand range from 35 in April to 20 in December. The climate in Northern Thailand is much cooler than the Central Plains and the South.

When to play
Play is possible almost any time of the year, even in the rainy season when downpours are usually short-lived and rarely bring a game to a complete halt. Thailand is blessed with an average of 12 hours of daylight throughout the year, from 6.30 am to 6.30 pm. As the temperature is cooler in the morning and late afternoon, it is popular to tee-off early or late in the day, avoiding the strong midday sun.

Where can I play
Most clubs in Thailand welcome visiting players. There are no entry restrictions on the majority of courses.

Green Fee
Green fees in Thailand, even at weekends, are extremely reasonable. Green fees in Phuket are generally the highest in Thailand. However, even at week- ends, fees are less than you would expect to pay at comparable courses worldwide.

Are there caddies in Thailand
Caddies are available for about Baht 200 a round. Your smiling, helpful caddie will be able to improve your game no end. In fact, listening to your caddie will be well worth the US$5 fee (generous tips are appreciated too) and may make you look like Jack Nicklaus by the time you reach the 19th hole.

Essential Equipment
Clubs, shoes and umbrellas can normally be rented for a nominal fee at most courses. Please beware of shoe rental as most shoes available fit the smaller Asian foot. It is best to bring your own shoes with you.

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